Open Hub for Monitoring Zentralized event aggregation

Zentral is a comprehensive and unified platform that streamlines device management tasks across the enterprise, from inventory and patching to reporting and compliance checks, providing high levels of change visibility and application control.

It can integrate tightly with solutions such as Jamf Pro and Workspace One, or use its own proprietary Apple MDM solution, extending current client management workflows to include powerful security tools such as Osquery, Google's Santa, and patch management control with Munki on macOS.

Simple or sophisticated, all event data is collected, normalised and passed to CPE and security teams, with data stored in backends such as Splunk, Elastic, Sumo Logic, or Snowflake.

Your data remains in your hands, while you benefit from the open code base and cloud-ready automation plans that are included in a stellar Enterprise Support Plan.

Unified view

Collect, measure, review, and act on disparate inventory and event data.

Security agents

Orchestrate binary control and endpoint visibility with Santa and Osquery at scale.

Patch control

Get patch info across platforms and manage Munki for software updates on macOS.


Take advantage of metrics in dashboards or export inventory using the APIs to integrate directly with a CMDB.

Data routing

Events and history of changes are preserved in popular data stores such as Splunk, Elastic and many more for easy data exploration.

GitOps for CPEs

Take advantage of an intuitive API design and manage the core of Zentral's configuration with our own Terraform provider.

App screenshot

A Source Available (ZPEL-1.0) and Apache 2.0 License Software Project.